Fall 2013 Schedule

Fall 2013 Schedule

All meetings held Wednesdays 4:00-5:30pm in 4226 Dwinelle Hall (French Conference Room). RSVP -- refreshments provided.


October 9

Exhibiting the Human Zoo

Since 2010, South African theater director Brett Bailey has been touring Europe with Exhibit A and Exhibit B -- a series of tableaux vivants that restages the archive of European racism toward Africans by referencing the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century practice of the "human zoo." This summer saw the first production of the Exhibit series in France, a country at the center of both the historical human-zoo phenomenon and the recent historiography on it.


October 23

Discours, nomination des langues et idéologies linguistiques

We hope you can join us for our next meeting to discuss Annette Boudreau’s article “Discours, nomination des langues et idéologies linguistiques.”

“En nommant leurs langues, donc en les qualifiant, les locuteurs sont amenés à mettre en œuvre des stratégies linguistiques, à produire un discours fait de valorisations et/ou de stigmatisations, à révéler une idéologie (socio)linguistique, individuelle et/ou dominante, à restituer des parts de savoir, à (re)construire une mémoire ou à l’amputer” (Arlette Bothorel-Witz, 1997, p. 132)


November 6

Louisiana French and Popuar Representations of Its Speakers

We hope you will join us for our next meeting of the Francophone Studies Working Group. We will be discussing, as a sort of continuation/Part II of our previous meeting, Frenches spoken in Louisiana and recent popular depictions of Cajuns and Creoles.

- selections from Louisiana French, a recent dictionary
- the introduction of Bernard Shane's, Cajuns: The Americanization of a People since 1941


December 4

Livi Yoshika-Maxwell, "The 1931 Exposition Coloniale de Paris and Its Travelers"

We hope you can join us for our next meeting, at which we'll be workshopping Livi Yoshioka-Maxwell's dissertation chapter "The 1931 Exposition Coloniale de Paris and Its Travelers."