NAS Politics of Identity Meeting Today October 28th

Hi All,

  I apologize for the late notification. Olivia and I both came down with illness at the end of last week and weren't able to upload any information about the meeting. Olivia and I are both better and the show must go on!  Tonight we will be discussing the reading on the schedule if possible.  Last meeting we also established that we will be discussing 1491s youtube videos, particularly their Halloween PSA.  Olivia also would like to share a point of discussion that is related to the 1491's videos.  This topic can be found at the following link:

Looking forward to a great discussion tonight. Olivia's picking up some great food.  We hope to see you in 597 Barrows at 5:30p.  Thanks!!





Meeting Day

Did meetings switch from Tuesdays to Mondays?


Just realized this post was

Just realized this post was from last year. Nevermind.