11/5/14 Meeting - Discussion on Françoise Vergès and the Museum without Objects

As a follow-up to last year’s meeting on the various artistic and museum exhibitions on the historical zoo humain phenomenon that have been happening in France over the last decade (http://townsendgroups.berkeley.edu/document/109-meeting-exhibiting-human-zoo), in this meeting we will look at recent attempts to tackle the history of colonialism and slavery in the museum or exhibition format. We will read from Project for a Museum of the Present, written in 2006 by Françoise Vergès and Carpanin Marimoutou, and discuss their idea for a museum about the history of Réunion. In addition, we will survey news articles and press releases to get a sense of the debate surrounding the thwarted opening of this museum.

Readings for this meeting:

  • Excerpts from Françoise Vergès and Carpanin Marimoutou, Project for a Museum of the Present (2006) (attached; the excerpts that we'll be focusing on in our discussion will be posted two weeks before the meeting)
  • Additional short documents will be posted two weeks before the meeting

NB: Françoise Vergès will be on campus November 13-15 for the conference “Memory without Borders: Violence, Justice, and Practices of Remembrance.”


Meeting information:

Wednesday, November 5

12:00-2:00pm, 4104 Dwinelle (Comparative Literature Conference Room)

Send your RSVP to Sarah Johnson (sarahjessicajohnson@berkeley.edu) by Tuesday, November 4

Lunch provided