L'Harmathèque ebooks

Thanks to the work of Romance Languages Librarian Claude Potts, we now have access to 250 titles from L'Harmathèque, L'Harmattan's ebook library.  You can find all of the titles on the attached spreadsheet, which also contains the URLs that will allow you to access said titles and download them as PDFs. (None of these ebooks are currently in OskiCat, for reasons Claude explains below.) Please share this information with friends, students, and colleagues who might be interested. Note that you do need to sign in to CalNet to download the PDFs.


From Claude:

I’d like to give you an update on the ebooks from L’Harmathèque that we ordered last year. The good news is that the purchase went through and the ebooks are available to us but the Library Systems Office has still been unable to convert the records into a format that is usable in OskiCat. They’ve literally been working on this for months and have even written their own program to clean-up the records. An alternative the Systems Office is working on now is to request the French catalog records (completely different than US/UK system) and see if those can be converted en masse.

Because of this incredibly frustrating experience, I’m not inclined to purchase any more ebooks from L’Harmattan until we can resolve this technical hurdle.

If you or anyone else, especially those of you in the Francophone Studies Working Group who helped to make selections, would like to use these ebooks now, they are fully accessible via the URLs in the attached spreadsheet.

Thanks for your help in making selection and also your patience.

Claude H. Potts

Librarian for Romance Language Collections

438 Doe Library

University of California

Berkeley, CA 94720-6000

tel: 510.643.8966

fax: 510.643.0315