Next Meeting 11/18 at 2pm in 340 Moffitt (BCNM Commons)


Please join us for the New Media Working Group's last meeting of the year!  The meeting will be held on Tuesday, 11/18 at 2pm in the BCNM Commons (340 Moffitt).  The topic is "The Computer and its Metaphors," and we will be reading short excerpts of recent books on digital media, software and the interface by Wendy Hui Kyong Chun ("Programed Visions: Software and Memory") and Alexander Galloway ("The Interface Effect").  What does it mean for a computer to be "on" a world, rather than "of" a world, as Galloway puts it?  What does it mean for a computer to be a "metaphor of a metaphor," as Chun describes it?  The Galloway reading can be found on the NMWG Townsend Page (, and the Chun reading is available through the library as an e-book (we'll be reading the first 15 pages).  

We will also brainstorm next semester's agenda: discussion topics, visiting speakers, and a trip to an awesome new media-related place in the Bay Area.  Come for the conversation, stay for the snacks! 

Event details
Tuesday, November 18, 2014 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm
340 Moffitt (BCNM Commons)