Sultan Doughan: "Teaching Tolerance to the Intolerant: How Holocaust Education shapes Citizenship for Muslims"

Please join us at Anthropological Inquiry on Sept 23 in the Faculty Lounge (Room 219) on the second floor of Kroeber from 3pm-5pm. There will be copious snacks. Please RSVP to Julia Sizek ( or Max Waterman ( before Sept 22 for a copy of the paper. 

Abstract: In this paper, I describe observations from my fieldwork on Holocaust and tolerance education in a middle school in Berlin, Germany in order to reflect tolerance education -in reference to the figure of the Jew- as a form of depoliticizing and secularizing Muslim minorities. As will be shown in the paper, the NGO approaches Muslim teenagers as potential intolerant Antisemites, because of their perceived religiosity and their communitarian ties. The paper will show in detail, how preconfigured narratives, figures and concepts of hatred are deployed in order to demonstrate and detect intolerance toward the figure of the Jew. Yet, the paper will also demonstrate how Muslim participants working with these narratives and concepts descend into silence.

Event details
Friday, September 23, 2016 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Faculty Lounge, Kroeber Hall, Room 219