Frankfurt School of Aesthetics and Political Theory

Started in 2006, the Frankfurt School of Aesthetics and Political Theory working group traces the works of what came to be known as the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, comprising a loose constellation of figures around The Institute for Social Research. Given the school’s diverse practices of transformative thought, the working group also tries different approaches each year: one year was devoted to just one text, Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory; another to shifting through various Marxist and Lukacian influences; another to parsing one concept – reification – by turning to sociologically-inflected theorists of public sphere from Weber to Habermas to Honneth, etc.

The spring semester's FSWG meetings will once again take place on alternating Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00pm in Wheeler 450. All readings will be posted under the "Spring 2013 Readings" tab of this site, or you can email Megan ( or Erin ( for a pdf copy.

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