Meaning Sciences

The Meaning Sciences working group focuses on problems about the meaning and use of language — on natural language semantics — and on related topics in linguistic syntax, pragmatics, logic, cognitive science, and the philosophy of language. The group was founded in the Fall of 2012 by two members on the philosophy department and two members of the linguistics department, and it now serves as a bridge across these departments. Meaning Sciences hosts talks by philosophers and by linguists, with speakers coming both from outside Berkeley and from within. The working group generally has three kinds of talk: (1) talks by professors, either at Berkeley or from other universities, on new work in progress; (2) “clinic” talks which review the state of the art, or provide a primer, on a given problem or area of inquiry; and (3) talks by graduate students within Berkeley developing their dissertation work. During the coming academic year we also expect to host informal “tea time” meetings which bring together faculty and graduate students over coffee and cookies for informal interaction and community-building. 

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