Performance in the Americas

This working group aims to strengthen and expand a network of scholars, practitioners and activists of the UC Berkeley campus community who are working in the area of Performance research in Latin/o America. Given our current placement within several departments across campus from Spanish and Portuguese, Ethnic Studies, Art Practice, Anthropology and Theater, Dance and Performance Studies, we recognize the need for an interdisciplinary space that would allow a focused group discussion on performance and live art practices in the Americas. We propose a loosely "hemispheric" approach to performance, recognizing the trans-atlantic and trans-pacific influences in our region. Our goals as a group are to 1) foster research on theater, arts and performance originating from and concerning indigenous and Latina/o communities, individual and collective artists, cultural agents, histories, and social systems as performance across disciplines; 2) strengthen the scholarship of group members, both faculty and graduate students, through invited guests and scholarly criticism and review; 3) encourage reflection on the methodological challenges posed by interdisciplinary approaches to performance; 4) increase visibility of Latin/o American theater, arts and performance on the UCB campus; and, 5) contribute towards a wider circle of interaction between UCB and Bay Area scholars and arts initiatives around performance in the American hemisphere. 

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