The Radical Decolonial Queer Pedagogies of Composition (RADQOMP)

The Radical Decolonial Queer Pedagogies of Composition (RADQOMP) working group provides a supportive forum for graduate instructors of reading and composition courses to research, share, and implement recent work in critical pedagogies as it applies to the teaching of composition. The instruction of R&C occurs in a wide range of departments at UC Berkeley: we invite instructors from across the disciplines to join in a collaborative and critically-oriented conversation. In defining our primary focus as the teaching of reading and composition (particularly R1A and R1B), our intention is to foster discussions that will be directly relevant for participants. Within this delimited area of focus, we actively solicit perspectives from a variety of fields, departments, and positions in academia and beyond.

Topics for discussion include queer, feminist, radical, and decolonial practices for reimagining the composition classroom. We will also investigate recent research in the broader field of composition studies using a critical pedagogical lens. The mission of this working group brings together the theoretical and the practical: we are committed to applying recent research to teaching, and to addressing graduate student instructors’ needs as they arise in the daily labors of teaching. As well as hosting discussions, the group will facilitate the collaborative development of lesson plans, syllabi, and other aspects of our composition courses, and maintain an archive of resources for composition instructors. We seek to expand our conceptions of what might and should happen in our composition courses, and engage in a sustained critique of our own practices and policies. 

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