Room One Thousand

Mission: In response to the spatial and material turn in the humanities, we seek to place in dialogue different perspectives on the built environment. Through a series of meetings, discussions, lectures and events, we aim to explore multiple approaches within and beyond the field of architecture. Ultimately, by engaging professionals and scholars in the humanities and sciences in the study of architecture, we will explore the ways in which different fields intersect with and enrich each other.


Outreach + Engagement: Recognizing architecture as a rich topic for interdisciplinary discourse, we seek to actively engage a diverse and interdisciplinary audience by:

  • Coordinating and promoting events associated with the Room One Thousand Journal, including conferences and public reviews
  • Identifying and organizing additional opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and collaboration including events, lectures, and interactive website content

Events: In the Fall 2013 semester, we will coordinate an interdisciplinary lecture series for graduate students, curate a list of local events of interest, and conduct and film interviews with scholars and practitioners who cross disciplinary boundaries in their work on the built environment. Please note that a complete schedule of events sponsored and/or organized by the Room One Thousand Working Group will be posted in September 2013.

Our first Working Group meeting will be scheduled for early September.  Please check back for more details during the first two weeks of classes. 

Contact Information: To inquire about or join the interdisciplinary Room One Thousand Working Group, please contact:


* The Room One Thousand Working Group is made possible in part by generous support from the Townsend Center for the Humanities.  

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