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The Sample Group gives examples of the content types you can create for your group: Blogs, Documents, Events and Feeds, as well as directions for creating them. You’ll notice that the Townsend Groups site does not have all of the same functionality as the Townsend Humanities Lab. However, this site demonstrates workarounds for posting image, video and audio files.

To learn workarounds for posting image and video content, please view the relevant post in the Blogs section. For information on uploading audio files, go to the Documents section. Note: You must be a member of a group (and logged in) to create Blog posts, Events and Documents. For information about Feeds, please visit the Blog post titled "RSS Feeds." To learn how to add or invite new group members, please see the relevant Blog post.

To modify this text on your group's site:

  • To modify your mission statement and group image, you must be a group coordinator. Log into the site so that you have administrator privileges.
  • Go to the Edit tab underneath your group's title, then add text in the "Mission Statement" box.
  • To modify your group's icon image (the image that appears to the left of this text), go to Edit > Group Attributes.

Note: the Mission Statement section of the site is a place for a short text describing your group's mission. Use the other content areas to post events, documents, et cetera.

You can also add links to your group's homepage. You may wish to link to your department's web site, for instance, or to sites with particular relevance to your working group. We've used this space to add a link to a useful tutorial. To create these links for your group's homepage, go to Edit > Group Attributes > Links.

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