Secularism and its Subjects

Scholars are publishing innovative, promising work on the secular at an astounding rate. This working group will engage some of the newest texts in this emerging field of secular studies. This will also include pieces by some of the members of the working group (article drafts, dissertation chapters and prospectuses are invited). Since most work in this field cuts across several disciplines—anthropology, political theory, philosophy, religious studies, literature, history, law—we hope that our group will similarly reflect this wide range of disciplinary backgrounds.

As a way to unify a diverse group of interests and training, we will particularly focus on methodological questions. How is contemporary scholarship pressing against the more established understanding of the secular as concepts, practices, and commitments that relegate religion to the private sphere? What theories of subjectivity or conceptions of law are informing these new studies? How does the aesthetic figure in these arguments? How, finally, might our own work engage these studies that are hot off the press?


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