Thinking Post45

Thinking Post45 provides an interdisciplinary, transnational forum for graduate students and faculty to discuss the legacy of the Cold War in twenty-first century politics, literature, and media aesthetics. We address political, social, technological, intellectual, and aesthetic paradigms that arose shortly after World War II, such as the Military-Industrial Complex, revolutionary and counter-revolutionary organization, cybernetics, digital computing, and the “two cultures” divide between the sciences and the humanities. Our focus is on understanding how such paradigms continue to shape, or are themselves reshaped by, contemporary cultural and geopolitical formations. In reading across these diverse disciplines, our goal is to consider the historical underpinnings of our contemporary situation and, along the way, to renegotiate the pre-existing disciplinary boundaries (i.e. national or century-based divisions) that seem insufficient to capture its complexities. In addition to engaging critical texts through group discussion, we also sponsor talks by graduate students, new faculty, and post-doctoral fellows

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