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Urban History Working Group

The Urban History Working Group examines the city, transcending constraints of discipline, time period, and geography.

The Berkeley Urban History Working Group convenes scholars from History, Rhetoric, Geography, and Architecture to study the city across time and space.

Critical Urbanisms

A group promoting critical conversations about forms of knowledge and modes of academic inquiry in studies of the city and urban phenomena.

Critical Urbanisms is an interdisciplinary and cross-campus group, based at the University of California Berkeley, that promotes critical conversations about forms of knowledge and modes of academic inquiry in the study of the city and urban phenomena. The group seeks to explore and interrogate theories of power, capital, and inequality in cities around the globe. Through conversations with acclaimed academics, workshops, symposia, and student panels, we bring together Bay Area scholars to develop novel practices of knowing, studying, and representing the city.

Room One Thousand

We seek to explore the bounds and potential of architectural study and its historical and critical implications.

Mission: In response to the spatial and material turn in the humanities, we seek to place in dialogue different perspectives on the built environment. Through a series of meetings, discussions, lectures and events, we aim to explore multiple approaches within and beyond the field of architecture. Ultimately, by engaging professionals and scholars in the humanities and sciences in the study of architecture, we will explore the ways in which different fields intersect with and enrich each other.


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